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Reef Design Johansen specializes in designing plans for the construction of large, living reef ecosystems in contemporary, luxury homes for entertainment and relaxation.

Healthy coral reef systems represent a beautiful synergy and harmonious relationship between mother nature and modern technology. One of the world's most challenging ecosystems to emulate displayed today as living art. 

Reef Design Shop Drawing
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Signature series reef aquariums are the newest "Chandelier display" feature concept of our time. They bring light, color, life, and a sense of curiosity and calm. An ultimate conversation piece to share with friends and family.


Precision planning coordinated with real-time, on-site solutions brings imagination to life. Passion, experience, and commitment to the client, the build, and the animals to create the ultimate, family centerpiece.

Transform your space into a mesmerizing underwater world with a custom water feature coral reef aquarium. Our team of professionals can design and install a stunning aquarium that not only adds beauty to your space, but also provides a calming and relaxing environment. Contact us today to learn more about our services and we can bring your vision to life.

Saltwater Aquarium
Saltwater Aquarium

One of a kind, signature series.

Custom Aquarium

The procedure to installing a successful reef aquarium.


Modern living with nature.

Aquarium Service

A dedicated technician to ensure reef stability. 


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